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Kui Lima: "Arm in arm" (translated from Hawaiian)
Hawaiian/Contemporary Artist that dedicate themselves to help others through their music and entertainment.
Their show is a mix of music, humor, and education.

Mar 31, 2012

On Air...

A while back, Kui Lima did a radio interview on the station, KZOO, as part of their station's featured afternoon program, "Music From Hawai`i." This program is also seen on the internet as a live feed.

This past Wednesday, March 28, there was a re-broadcast of this interview. It was interesting for all of us to hear ourselves on the radio, speaking, joking, singing, and playing music... almost surreal...

But it was fun, and they say that eventually there will be an archive of past interviews on their website.
If we get a chance to go back on air again, we'll be sure to mention it here.

Mahalo for everyone's support.