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Kui Lima: "Arm in arm" (translated from Hawaiian)
Hawaiian/Contemporary Artist that dedicate themselves to help others through their music and entertainment.
Their show is a mix of music, humor, and education.

Feb 12, 2012

`Ukulele Prize

After thinking about it, we can use a couple of our older `ukuleles for the Japanese students to learn on, but the "Kids Hurt Too" organization (the second place winners) could use more `ukuleles, so we're going to donate our third place `ukulele to their organization.

Feb 11, 2012

Cover: Kaimana Hila

Blackened Salmon

A rehearsal clip:

`Ukulele Contest

Wow, never thought having fun and doing what you love could amount to this!

Today, we are so thankful to have the opportunity to have participated in the 2nd Annual `Ukulele Contest sponsored by KoAloha `Ukulele. First place in the group category were two wonderfully talented students; Second place was a non-profit organization that helps children. We were so touched by the caring adults and children, that we were so glad that they won a KoAloha `ukulele for their use (we will visit your booth tomorrow and come support you! You guys are wonderful!)

We came in third, something unexpected, as we only were having fun, as we didn't even think we would get into the finals performance today. We are so grateful for receiving this `ukulele prize, thinking what we could do with it, we remembered that a couple of students from Japan wanted to take lessons from Gina (at no charge), but they did not have an `ukulele. But, now, we will use this for them. We hope they enjoy it! 

Mahalo to Papa and Mama KoAloha (Okami), Pali, Alan Okami, Paul Okami (thanks for joking around with us! We had fun!), staff of KoAloha, Brittni Paiva, Palani Vaughn, and of course Mr. Sekiguchi! And for any we have missed, thank you! It was a blast!

Who would have thought this all came from a video on our youtube?